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LUMEOVA LUMEOVA develops innovative opto-electronics modules to meet the growing data communication demands of consumer electronics and wireless infrastructure markets. Partner Site Partners I
Republic Wireless Republic Wireless is an American mobile service provider that combines fast, nationwide 4G LTE cell service with the power of WiFi to give you better coverage, in more places, for less money. Partner Site Venture I
Juniper Networks Juniper Networks delivers high-performance IP networking systems built by industry experts with broad experience in high-performance computer and Internet networking applications. Partner Site Venture IV
Bandwidth Bandwidth is a communications technology company offering a full suite of voice, messaging and 9-1-1 APIs, all built atop the company's own all-IP voice network. Businesses use Bandwidth's APIs to add calling, texting and 9-1-1 connectivity to software, applications, and internet-connected devices. Partner Site Venture III
Amphenol Broadband Solutions All Systems Broadband is a leading North American manufacturer and supplier of central office and customer premise connectivity products. Partner Site Keystone Science Center