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Sentinel Biomedical Inc.

Sentinel Biomedical provides canine genetic cancer testing, Genomics, genome mapping and the comparative aspects of canine cancer.

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Benanova Inc.

Benanova Inc. has developed a cost-efficient, environmentally benign particle system (EbNPs) made of natural materials, which can leverage the functional properties of bioactive agents. This innovative, patent-pending technology can facilitate the development of highly efficient, application-customized and environmentally benign replacements for silver nanoparticle antimicrobials.

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AnimalScan AnimalScan is the Nation's Leader in Veterinary Imaging. AnimalScan can help your veterinarian make an accurate, informed diagnosis of your pet without resorting to invasive exploratory surgery. Our advanced equipment, professional staff, and clean state-of-the-art centers ensure that your companion receives safe, high-quality care for a long, healthy life. AnimalScan is formerly IAMS Pet Imaging. Partner Site Biomedical Partnership Center